Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start Zero Dollar Listing?

When I became a broker in 2014 I started providing family and friends with no commission, no fee listings. I knew I could do this because I would be their Realtor when they bought a new house and I would make a commission on that transaction. As home values continue to rise I saw that no commission, no fee listings were a viable business model where I could sell homes for no commission and make a commission when my clients bought a new home. Since it’s the home seller that pays Realtor commissions, my clients never pay me a penny to represent them when selling or buying.

How do you make money if you don’t charge for your services?

I’ve been blessed to be able to make a living and raise my family doing something I love. I make a commission when my client’s buy a house. The normal commission for the agent representing a buyer is 3% of the sales price of a house. This commission is paid by the homeowner who is selling the house. Since home prices have doubled in the past few years I’m able to sell houses for no commission and no fees and still make a living from the commissions when my clients buy a home.

Can you sell my house if I am not buying another house?

The Zero Dollar Listings program is for homeowners who are selling a home and buying another home, but if you are not buying another home I will provide the same great customer service and representation for the low cost of $3,000.

What contracts do I have to sign?

Whether I represent you or you are represented by another agent you will need to sign a listing agreement before your house is listed on MLS. The listing agreement sets the terms for how the agent will sell the house. I allow my clients to terminate the listing agreement at any time as long as the house is not under contract. I also require a signed Buyers Representation Agreement. This contract states that you will use me as your representation when buying another property.

When do I sign the listing agreement?

You can sign the listing agreement at any time before your house goes live on MLS. I will be happy to send you a copy of the listing agreement so you can take your time to read and understand it. Your house will not be allowed on the MLS system without a listing agreement. This is a TREC regulation that I am bound to follow.

What’s the average days on market for your listings?

Each listing is different and there are varying factors that effect how fast a house will sell. Properties located within the metroplex tend to sell faster than rural properties. Houses that are in good condition and priced appropriately will sell faster than houses that are overpriced. With that said, our listings usually go under contract in less than 30 days.

Should I use a Realtor when I buy new construction?

Yes, most definately everyone should use a Realtor when buying new construction. A big misconception that people have is that they will get a better deal from the builder if the builder does not have to pay a commission to an agent. That is totally wrong. New construction has to be appraised just like a pre-owned house. If a builder lowered the sales price because an agent isn’t involved then that price becomes the market value for all other houses that are built. Builders do not lower the sales price of a house just because an agent isn’t involved. All they do is make more profit from the sale of the house. It’s always better to have an experienced set of eyes to review the contract, negotiate upgrades, and review the build process with you.

Do you also work with homeowners who want to lease their houses?

No, I only list houses that are for sale.

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