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Selling your house can be stressful. Choose the wrong agent or try to do it yourself and you could be left searching for answers and wondering if you're getting the most money for your house. Many agents only sell 1 or 2 houses a year but at Zero Dollar Listing we sell 40 to 50 houses a year. We make selling your house easy by giving you the peace of mind that you have an agent working in your best interest. Best of all, you won't pay a 6% commission to sell your house. With Zero Dollar Listing you only pay $3,000 plus the buyer's agent commission, and if you're using Zero Dollar Listing to buy a new house after you sell, we will refund the $3,000 back to you. Low cost, years of experience and full service representation are why homeowners trust Zero Dollar Listing to sell their house.


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No homeowner should have to pay a 6% commission to sell their house

Contrary to what other real estate agents say, fees and commissions to sell your house are negotiable

The 6% commission model was developed in the 1950's and is still being pushed by agents on unsuspecting homeowners

Technology, the internet and rising home prices are pushing real estate fees and commissions down, allowing homeowners to keep more of their money

Zero Dollar Listing clients pay 50% or less in agent fees and commissions to sell their house

We provide our clients with top-rated service that sells your house fast and easy, we just don't charge what other agents do

We close over 40 sales a year which makes us Top 1% producing agents in DFW

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Why Homeowners Choose Zero Dollar Listing


We close more transactions in a single month than the typical agent closes in a whole year.  We average more than 10 years of experience and more than 300 transactions closed per agent.

Customer Service

We put you first!  You will work with the owner from first meeting all the way through closing.  We don’t pass you from agent to agent like some discount brokerages.  We find working with the same agent throughout the entire process makes for a smoother transaction and happier clients.


We provide expert market analysis, skilled negotiation strategies, digital and aerial photography and leading edge sales techniques to every client.  We provide everything the expensive agents provide, we just do it better and cheaper.



Our clients save on average over $11,000 when selling and buying a property with Zero Dollar Listing.  For clients who are only selling a property, they average over $8,000 in savings.  


We put you first!  You will work with the broker / owner from first meeting all the way through closing.  We don’t pass you from agent to agent like some discount brokerages.  We find working with the same agent throughout the entire process makes for a smoother transaction and happier clients.

Stress Free

You will appreciate our no pressure, stress free approach to selling your house.  We provide the expert guidance and experience so you know you’re making the right decisions. 

Get Top Dollar When Selling Your House!

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Just Tell Me How Much It Will Cost To Sell My House

$3,000 Listing Fee

We charge homeowners a listing fee of only $3,000 to sell their house. The listing fee is paid when your house sells.

Get That $3,000 Refunded Back To You

Let us represent you on the purchase of another house and we will refund the $3,000 listing fee back to you when the purchase closes.

Other Costs To Sell A House

Homeowners are responsible for paying typical closing costs when selling a house. Closing costs may include a buyer's agent commission, title policy fee, property taxes, title escrow fee and other closing fees. These costs are in addition to the listing fee.

Just Tell Me How Much To Sell My House

We would love to give you a number right now, but we can't. Actual closing costs are different for every property. Contact us and we can work up a detailed estimate of the closing costs for your property.

We Can Answer All Your Home Selling Questions

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Flat Fee Does Not Mean Inferior Service

When you hire us to sell your house we provide Full Representation from start to closing, Market Analysis reports, closing cost estimates, professional quality photographs, listing posted on all major websites, automated service to schedule showings, experienced contract negotiations, Transaction Coordinator, showing feedback follow-up, aerial photographs of property, open house, representation at title company for closing, weekly updates from listing agent, secure keybox plus more.

There are many hard working agents today who provide exemplary service to their clients. We know that to compete with those agents we cannot provide shoddy or mediocre service just because we charge less than than they do. David and Sam Maisch pride themselves on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. We are constantly working to keep our clients happy.

Other discount brokerages hire new or inexperienced agents to save money. Many of these brokerages force you to work with different agents throughout the selling process. With us you work with David and Sam and no one else.  Other brokerages just want to close the transaction and collect their money. They don’t care about market value, sales price or cost of repairs. We are fiduciaries who take pride in providing you a stress-free transaction while always putting your best interests first.

We save homeowners the most money on real estate commissions. Other discount brokerages charge a 1% or 2% listing commission, or they charge a $3,000 or $5,000 listing flat fee. With Zero Dollar Listing we charge homeowners a $0 listing fee when they are selling and then buying another property.

Pay Less In Real Estate Commissions And Fees!

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The 4 Easy Steps To Selling Your House

Your home is your most expensive asset and you deserve to get the most money when you sell. The steps we go through to get your home ready helps ensure you will get maximum profit with less risk and successful results.


We meet you at your home to review your property and make recommendations for repairs and upgrades, if any.  We review recent sales in your neighborhood, provide a recommended market value for your home, advice you on preparing your home for pictures and showings, and review necessary documentation to put your home on the market.  This meeting usually takes place 2-3 weeks before listing.


This is where we shoot pictures, sign the listing agreement, review all required documentation and put a sign in your front yard and lockbox on your door.  We upload pictures, documents and house information to MLS and propagate your listing to over 300 websites including Zillow,, Trulia and Redfin.  This meeting usually takes place 2-3 days before your house goes on the market.  Before listing your house we set a time and date for the Open House.


Once the offers start coming in we negotiate with the buyer’s agents to get you the most money for your home.  We review the quality of the offers and contact lenders to determine the financial strength of the buyers.  We advice on which offer to accept based on price, contingencies and buyer financial strength.  After an offer is accepted we negotiate any repair requests and track the progress of the buyer’s financing.


We schedule a time with the title company to close the sale of your house.  We review all the closing documents with you and answer any questions you have.  On the day of closing we meet you at the title company to make sure your closing goes smoothly.

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