We Don't Charge High Fees Or Commissions To Sell Your House

Agent Fees and Commissions ARE Negotiable

It Does Not Cost 6% Commission To Sell Your House

Contrary to what you have heard or been told, fees and commissions charged by real estate agents to sell your house are negotiable.

The 6% commission model was developed in the 1950's and is still being pushed by big real estate brokerages and greedy real estate agents.

Technology, the internet and rising home prices are pushing real estate fees and commissions down, allowing home owners to save money when selling their house.

Zero Dollar Listing clients usually pay 3% or less in agent fees and commission to sell their house.

We provide our clients with top rated service that sells your house fast and easy, we just don't charge you what other agents would charge to do it.

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Not All Discount Brokerages Are The Same

Here are a few of the differences between Zero Dollar Listing and the other guys

Zero Dollar Listing saves homeowners the most money on real estate commissions. Other discount brokerages charge a 1% or 2% listing commission, or they charge a $3,000 or $5,000 listing flat fee. With Zero Dollar Listing we charge homeowners a $0 listing fee when they are selling and then buying another property.

Discount brokerages hire new or low experienced real estate agents to work with their clients. Many of these brokerages force you to work with different agents throughout the selling process. With Zero Dollar Listing you work with David Maisch, the broker and owner of Zero Dollar Listing.

The average real estate agent closes 3-4 transactions a year and has less than three years of industry experience. David Maisch has over 15 years as a real estate agent and broker with the experience of over 1,000 closed transactions.

Other brokerages just want to close the transaction and collect their money. They don't care about market value, sales price or cost of repairs. At Zero Dollar Listing we take pride in offering a stress-free transaction while always putting our client's best interests first.

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We've put together our 10 best tips for getting your house ready to sell.

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