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Selling your house with most real estate agents is expensive, stressful and daunting, but with Zero Dollar Listing selling your house is quick, easy and stress-free. When your hire Zero Dollar Listing you will be working with David and Sam Maisch who have over 20 years of real estate experience. We don't charge high listing commissions or fees like other agents do!

Why You Should Not Pay 6% Commission To Sell Your House

Contrary to what real estate agents say, fees and commissions to sell your house are negotiable

The 6% commission model was developed in the 1950's and is still being pushed by agents on unsuspecting homeowners

Technology, the internet and rising home prices are pushing real estate fees and commissions down, allowing homeowners to keep more of their money

Zero Dollar Listing clients pay 50% or less in agent fees and commissions to sell their house

We provide our clients with top-rated service that sells your house fast and easy, we just don't charge what other agents do

We close over 50 sales a year which makes us Top 1% producing agents in DFW

Not All Discount Brokerages Are The Same

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There are many hard working agents today who provide exemplary service to their clients. We know that to compete with those agents we cannot provide shoddy or mediocre service just because we charge less than than they do.

David and Sam Maisch pride themselves on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. We are constantly working to keep our clients happy.

Other discount brokerages hire new and inexperienced agents to save money. Many of these brokerages force you to work with many different agents throughout the selling process. With us you work with David and Sam and no one else.

Other brokerages just want to close the transaction and collect their money. They don't care about market value, sales price or cost of repairs. We are fiduciaries who take pride in providing you a stress-free transaction while always putting your best interests first.

We save homeowners the most money on real estate commissions. Other discount brokerages charge a 1% or 2% listing commission, or they charge a $3,000 or $5,000 listing flat fee. With Zero Dollar Listing we charge homeowners a $0 listing fee when they are selling and then buying another property.

There Has To Be A Catch

Will you really list and sell my house for $0 commission?


What's the catch?

The only catch is that you purchase a house for at least $250,000 within 12 months of selling and you use us to represent you on the purchase.

What if I'm only selling and not buying?

We will still represent you to sell your house for a flat $3,000 listing fee.

Since your listing fee is discounted are your services discounted also?

Not at all. We provide a full-service transaction just like those expensive agents. Our services include full representation, knowledgeable and expert negotiations, professional quality pictures, aerial pictures, full MLS listing that is shown on over 300 real estate websites, showing appointment service, buyer feedback and more.

What other expenses am I responsible for?

You will be responsible to pay the normal closing costs associated with selling real estate. All closing costs and listing expenses are paid at closing from the proceeds on the sale of your house. These include the buyer agent commission (usually 2% - 3% of the sales price of your house), property taxes, HOA transfer fees, title policy, title escrow fees and other closing costs.

Testimonials From Past Clients

“We are blessed to have found David as our agent and we would highly recommend him!”

Lynda & Richard, Dallas

“David and his team did a good job from start to finish! The saving were significant and the close went well. David has a realistic no nonsense approach to getting your Property sold! “

Tim, Richardson

“Couldn’t recommend David and his team enough!”

Jenny & Mark, McKinney

“My initial plan was to sell myself. I realized it was important to get exposure in the MLS and was looking for an effective vehicle . Zero Dollar Listing just made “Good Common Sense” “

Brock, Irving

“We were extremely happy with our decision to list/sell our home with David. He answered and/or returned calls every time, gave great advise, and was overall on top of it.”

Eric, Argyle

“David has delivered beyond expectation on several occasions for me, not only in the purchase but also the sale.”

Sean, Garland

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